When I was 13 my best friend gave me a diary for my birthday.  Keeping one every day got me through my adolescence.  I’ve had LiveJournal accounts, other WordPress accounts, heck, I even had 3-5 geocities accounts.  Writing and journaling have always been my easiest form of self-care.

And then mommy blogs happened.

First of all, those damn bitches stole my idea!  I’M the amazing writer!  I’m full of opinions and ideas and struggles and advice!!  Crap!  But further more, they took the thing I loved to do, and made it into a shiny, fake, commercialized popularity contest.  My god, they turned it into high school.

So like all high school outcasts, here I am trying to do the same thing the “cool girls” are doing, but likely not knowing their secrets or willing to play their game.  Ah well.  Here we go…


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